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Summer Cowl


Here’s the finished Wicker Cowl, done in Savannah from The Fibre Company.  I was a bit worried that the yarn was going to feel a bit too rustic, but as I was knitting I started to fall in love with it.  The irregularity of the yarn was a constant reminder that this wasn’t produced in a big factory on the other side of the world.  The real deciding factor though as how soft and lovely it became after blocking.  I’d love feedback on the yarn so give it a squeeze and let me know what you think the next time you’re in.

I’ve decided on my next sweater, but I’ll save that for later… in an attempt at some discipline and focus I’m going to finish my toe up sock this week.  But, I will say that my sweater will be in Hempathy from Elsebeth Lavold which just arrived.  I’m very excited to try another new yarn, and I think this is going to be lovely for spring and summer.  This After the Rain sweater from Heidi Kirrmaier looks absolutely gorgeous, and I want to try this carrying bag.  This morning the lovely Sheila brought in her finished Buttercup that she’d made in the Hempathy and it was truly beautiful.

IMG_0826Now the difficult decision of choosing a colour!




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