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Friday 24/07/15

My magpie brain has continued this week, so instead of starting another small project in the middle of my Lucinda sweater, I have embarked on some embroidery… I mean the shop is Knit Stitch so this is filed under “stitch”!

I’ve taken some embroidery, hand and cross stitching classes in the past with the brilliant Carolanne Graham and Johanne Masko  so this isn’t a completely random departure at least.  Right now there’s something about being able to just play with colour that really appeals to me, and I love the slower pace and thoughtfulness of hand stitching.  The above sampler is from the Etsy shop of Rebecca Ringquist of Dropcloth Samplers.  I love the whimsical feel to it, and the fact that the design is printed and ready to go.

And some randoms:

This might be the most brilliant post I’ve read all year…  I have pattern pdf’s for knitting, sewing, quilting etc etc stored on two computer desktops and in download files and in email folders… so I cannot wait for a bit of quiet time to fully explore the strategies that Jen outlines for keeping patterns organized.

Anyone with an ice cream maker needs to check out this wonderful recipe/formula.  I love the idea of having a base that you can customize to your heart’s content.  I mean isn’t that what ice cream is meant for?

I’m in the middle of reading A Shepherd’s Life and it’s such a terrific read.  I heard James Rebanks on CBC radio in the spring and there was something so calm and smart about him that I knew I’d love this tale of farming in England’s Lake District.  The passages about his bond with his grandfather and the passing along of skills between generations are especially moving without being sentimental.

If you need some viewing ideas for the weekend, I watched the lovely Enough Said  on Netflix.  It’s James Gandolfini’s last movie which is so sad… the role is about as far away as you can get from Tony Soprano.  The chemistry between him and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is wonderful.

For indie music lovers, check out From Austin to Boston, a great documentary about four bands who make a two week road trip in VW vans.  Ben Howard is probably the best known of the performers, but for me the real discovery was the beautiful harmony of The Staves.  The doc reminded me of the crazy vibe of producing a television series which has a similar intensity and shared purpose.

Happy Friday everyone!




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