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Saturday 18/07/15

Well there’s no question that summer is here today!  I am not, and have never been, a hot weather kind of person, and this humidity causes my brain to turn off… so I’m glad I’m not operating any heavy equipment today!

Here’s where I’m at with my Lucinda.  It’s actually the perfect thing to knit on days like this, as the pattern is so wonderfully uncomplicated.  I think I have another inch or two before I start the armhole shaping.


Some quick randoms:

One of my favourite movies of all time is The Princess Bride, so I can’t wait to read this behind the scene account of the filming by Cary Elwes who played Westley.  He narrates the audiobook version which I bet would be huge fun to listen to!

Although I don’t think I’ll be cooking much this weekend, I can’t wait to try this Tomato Cobbler with Blue Cheese Biscuits.

And speaking of not cooking, I discovered Raw Juice Co the other day… I had thought (incorrectly) that it was just a juice bar, but they have some yummy sounding offerings.  I love the vibe and the Pilot coffee is wonderful.  It’s right across from the Landon library on Wortley Rd.

And speaking of Wortley Road, the Square Foot Show is on at the Westland Gallery.  I love my little sheep painting that I got at the show 2 years ago when I had just moved to London.

This article about the resurgence in embroidery  has me excited to try some hand stitching, which I think would be perfect for this hot weather.

Happy Saturday!



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