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Thoughts on turning 2!

I’ve been thinking about a post to mark the shop’s 2nd birthday, and even though it was a few weeks ago, it still feels worth a few words of reflection.

Needless to say, I’m so grateful to all the people who have supported my little shop these past 2 years.  I feel like I’ve learned so much from everyone who has come through the doors.  One of the things I really like is that I get to meet all kinds of people… nurses, teachers, professors, lawyers, artists, social workers, librarians, students to name but a few… people who are dealing with illness and disabilities… people who are starting their careers and people who’ve finished working.  A diverse creative community does seem to be alive and well in London ON.

As challenging as the retail world is (the drop in the Canadian dollar has been a bit of a nightmare to put it mildly!), this little shop still makes me happy, and I’m excited about where I want to take the business in the future.  I’m envisioning a shift towards a space that embraces some other creative pursuits that will help take the seasonality out of a business mainly focused on knitting and crocheting.  So we’ll see where things end up, but in the meantime, here are a few things I’ve been working on lately…


IMG_2418I seem to have turned into a bit of a restless crafter!  The first picture above is of a lovely embroidery sampler I’m working on from the amazing Rebecca Ringquist of Dropcloth Samplers.  And the owl is a fun little kit I got at The Workroom from Kiriki Press.  There’s something about the slowness of hand stitching that I really like, and I love the whimsical tone of some of the patterns that are on offer.

IMG_0849  IMG_2233The photos aren’t great, but I’ve also fallen down the rabbit hole of tapestry weaving!  It doesn’t take long to learn the basics, and again I was lucky enough to take a class at The Workroom.  I’m looking for some frames to bring in for the shop, as this really is a great outlet for anyone who loves yarn and playing with texture and colour.  And talk about being a great stash buster!

IMG_2306IMG_2413I realized that I was really missing sewing, so I started working on a Wonky Cross quilt in a palette of blues, yellows and greens.  I’m not much of a precision quilter so the free-form nature of wonky crosses makes me very happy.  I’m heading to Toronto on Sunday to take a class on Improv Curves which will be a lot of fun I’m sure.

IMG_0941But there will always be knitting!  I’ve just started this super soft and floaty scarf using Kidsilk Haze Stripe that makes me so happy I can hardly stand it!  The play of colours is just so absolutely beautiful that it’s hard to put this one down.

So, again thank you everyone… for the support and friendship and creative inspiration!  I’m excited to see what the future holds and where this little venture takes us!


And of course there’s Buster!



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