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Well, here we are in 2016!  How is everyone feeling so far?  I feel like my year has gotten off to a slow start, but somehow that feels ok.  I think it might have something to do with this weird weather we’re having.  Anyway, I didn’t leap out of bed on the 1st full of new resolve and focus, but it’s been more a continued calm, contemplative vibe and I’m hoping to keep it that way for awhile!  This year is going to be a good one, I believe, with lots of shifts and changes, growth and fun challenges.  So it feels good to be more of a tortoise than a hare at the moment.

I didn’t make any big resolutions, but instead I want to focus on finishing what I start.  In my defence I have gotten better at this, but there’s still room for improvement.  To that end I’m almost done my Uniform Cardigan, which is going to be a really cozy, warm sweater.  The dark blue I’m using is a nightmare to photograph so I’ll post a pic when I’ve got the right light.  It’s quite heavy, which is the nature of a long sweater in worsted weight, and I think I could have gone down a size, but like I said it’s definitely cozy!

As I mentioned in the newsletter, I’m drooling over the Doodler Shawl…. my only other resolution is to try to push myself a bit in my project choices, and this would do it for me.  I don’t think I’ve ever made a big shawl with lots of short rows, so that’s the new element for me.  A few people have brought their finished shawls in, and it’s a really, really gorgeous design that ends up being a perfect, generous size.  It’s good that I’m not not going to start this for a week or two as I keep changing my mind about colour combinations.


This is my current favourite.  Madelinetosh Merino Light in Antler, Madelinetosh Twist Light in Opaline and a skein of precious Viola Fancy Sock in Raven from my stash.

IMG_0955This is my second favourite… Madelinetosh Twist Light in Modern Fair Isle, Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single in Midnight Teal and Truffle.

IMG_0956And this is today’s option… Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk Single in Midnight Teal, Madelinetosh Merino Light in Silver Fox and Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 in Atlantis.

Anyone who wants to make one with me will get 15% off their yarn.  I think one of the nice things about this design is that you can take a prized skein from your stash and then  find something to compliment it, so you get the joy of using from stash but also treating yourself to something new!  I’ll post pictures of any finished shawls that you bring in on the shop’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

The top picture is from Wednesday afternoon’s knitting gathering, where I enlisted help frogging a sweater I’ve had sitting for years.  I decided I really liked the yarn, but would never wear the sweater it was becoming… the design had a hood which really isn’t my jam.  So that will be something else new for me… I’ve never frogged a big project like that and then re-used the yarn.  Right now I’m thinking it’s mean to be a Ramona Cardigan but we’ll see!

Here are a few random links that I’ve been saving:

I love this star baby quilt and I have friends in Toronto expecting their first baby this year who just might get one.

This article summed up my feelings about shopping wonderfully.  As I get older I definitely respond to the notion of being a more thoughtful consumer and buying the best quality that I can afford when I do need something.

Smitten Kitchen is probably my favourite food blog (everyone should have a copy of her cookbook!), and this recipe for German Pancakes looks yummy!

I have a bit of an obsession with mending at the moment and this tutorial looks terrific.

Let’s make 2016 great!




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