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April Already?!

Well so much for regular blogging!

This last month has been challenging… in a good way.  I’ve been thinking about moving the shop and expanding into fabric and sewing for so long, that I was completely surprised at how hard it has been to choose fabric.  Really, really hard… which I realized this week is because right now, it’s all a blank slate.  My instinct is that it will get easier once I’m in the new space and can see the wall of fabric against which I can make coherent choices… makes sense right?

Anyway, I’ve turned the corner from being overwhelmed, to feeling super excited and eager to get going!  I’ve got the movers booked and I’m waiting on a few pieces to fall into place before I know for sure that I can keep to the dates I’ve scheduled.  Thanks to everyone who has offered to lend a hand with the move… it’s meant a lot to me that so many people seem excited about this new incarnation. (For anyone who missed the memo, the shop is moving to 232 Wharncliffe Road South in May and I’m adding sewing and quilting to the line-up!)

What has kept my brain somewhat settled has, of course, been knitting.  No surprise there really.  I made a dumb mistake on my lovely Ramona Cardigan and had to rip back about 6 inches and by the time I figured it out and got everything ready to go again, I decided to set it aside to finish for the fall…. although given our truly erratic weather of late, I might have been able to wear it now!


Instead, I started a lovely Hay Cardigan in Madelinetosh Twist Light in the most gorgeous blue/grey/brown colourway called Court & Spark.  I think I’ve only ever made one other sweater in fingering weight (the perfect travel project for a trip to Australia) as the slowness of knitting with such a fine weight has not been my thing… but somehow right now it’s been absolutely perfect.  I really love this pattern, with the panels of reverse stocking stitch to add just a nice little design detail.  Again I made a dumb mistake and ended up ripping back a few inches, but I must be getting more patient with age, as it didn’t really bother me that much to have to go backwards (I can feel my Mom laughing at this… both at the idea that I’m patient, and that I actually ripped back on two sweaters!).

The above picture is from the Visible Mending  class I’m taking at The Workroom.  Unfortunately the shop will be closed tomorrow while I’m in Toronto.  I hate potentially inconveniencing people like this, but hopefully this will be the last disruption for awhile.  The class is everything I was hoping it would be. I’m not really that hard on clothes, so it’s not like I’ve got a pile of things waiting to be mended… but there’s something so wonderful about just learning a new skill.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,





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