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Happy Holiday!

I’m in the countdown to the holidays, and looking forward to seeing my family and having a little break.  I’m at the point where I’m sorting my to-do list into what’s a must do and as we’d say in my former profession, what’s a target of opportunity, but overall I’m feeling pretty good about everything.

I’m excited about the New Year and making some changes… I have a whole notebook full of lists and ideas, and pictures grabbed from Pinterest and Instagram.  And of course I’ve got a bunch of projects I want to make like the White Pine cardigan which is going to be my January knit.  I’ve decided that the theme for next year is going to be pushing outside my comfort zone a bit… so the cables in White Pine will be a change for me from the usual stocking stitch that I tend to gravitate towards.

I’ll be brief here so that I can crack on, but it’s been a good year in my little shop.  I was reminded yesterday of how lucky I am to do this, as a few lovely people dropped by for a knit and some tea, the shop was busy and the mood was festive.  Thank you all for the support this past year and all the best to everyone for a happy, healthy holiday season.




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