A brief ode to Lichen and Lace

A brief ode to Lichen and Lace

Without hesitation, one of my favourite independent hand dyers is Lichen and Lace. There is just something so soothing and beautiful about the colour palette that Megan Ingman has created and her yarn is always a pure joy to knit with.

Megan has a lovely bio on her website that tells her story, but I have fond memories of her inspiring yarn shop, Lettuce Knit, which was my favourite when I lived in Toronto. Megan and her family moved to New Brunswick after she sold her shop and Lichen and Lace was born. The colours are inspired by the natural beauty of the east coast, and that's what makes them so special and unique.

I think I first fully fell in love with Lichen and Lace when we did a group knit along of Andrea Mowry's What the Fade, which was also my first experience doing a mystery knit along and my first attempt at brioche knitting. I remember marvelling at how beautifully the colours all worked together. 

The above shawl is the Kallara shawl by Ambah O'Brien, and it is a joy to knit. I'll probably make another one soon that has more contrast, but I love the harmony of Garland and Lichen in 80/20 Sock. I think two skein shawls are my favourite, as they usually make a size that I'll actually wear.

I've just listed a range of Marsh Mohair that is absolutely gorgeous (Birds of a Feather anyone?) and I'm looking forward to bringing in the Rustic Heather Sport... I've been ogling Amy Christoffers Lunenburg Pullover forever and the Late Bloomer Mittens from Making Magazine are absolutely stunning. I have enough leftover 80/20 sock in Clover to make these sweet Flying Birds Shorties from Joji Locatelli.

My knitting mojo has been on low speed for awhile, but I feel it returning with the longer days and the inspiration of all this lovely yarn!

Take good care and happy knitting,

S x