I usually quite like January, and that sense of peace and calm after the holiday season, but this year it really knocked me a bit sideways. I got a bit ahead of myself and started thinking that we might be getting hold of the pandemic, but the vaccine roll out and spread of the new strains certainly shows we're in this for a good while yet. Sigh. So all I can say is, good bye January.

I'm loving knitting my Charles V Neck, which is soft and simple and perfect for my brain right now. I've just started the bottom ribbing, so I feel like I'm heading into the homestretch. I'm not sure when I turned into a monogamous knitter, but I seem to be sticking to one project at a time right now, but we'll see! Every time I see a lovely pair of finished socks I get the urge to cast on. 

I do have my next project planned which is going to be the Simple Something pullover by Ankestrick... I spent many hours in January piling up combinations of my leftovers, and here's where I've landed. Predictably grey is my base colour. 

Part of my January blahs was a lack of a regular schedule, so that's my priority for February. I'm only planning one week at a time, which is what feels manageable at the moment, and should hopefully offset this floaty feeling of limbo that I've got going. I'm planning to do new blog posts on Mondays going forward. I've turned off the comments, but I'd be curious to know if you'd like to be able to comment or question... send me an email if you have an opinion either way. 

I've enjoyed doing the local deliveries so I'm happy that it feels like a good option. I've been to neighbourhoods that I wasn't familiar with, and even got to wave at a few of you from the driveway. I've taken Buster as company and we've stopped for walks along the way, and I've gotten caught up on some podcasts and audio books, so it's actually been nice.

Speaking of walks, I have a shaggy muppet staring at me suggestively, so I'll sign off. I hope everyone is doing ok. It does feel like the days are getting longer and tulips are appearing at the grocery store, so hello February!

S x

Oh, the digestive cookie recipe I highly recommend is from Donal Skehan... it's just a few ingredients, not super sweet and has a lovely crisp texture.