I've been thinking a lot about the concept of home lately. I'm an unabashed homebody, which is a trait probably shared by most knitters. My Mom is Danish, the birthplace of hygge, so I'm into life in the slow lane and fully embrace the concept of coziness.

I'm privileged to have a little house with a yard and I certainly can't complain about my circumstances. This will always be my COVID house, in the way that our homes embody various significant life events. This house is where Buster and I got to spend 6 months with my Dad, where we did battle with squirrels in the eves, built raised beds for a vegetable garden and went on long walks around the quiet neighbourhood in the early days of COVID last spring. This house has become a home.

Home is where you feel welcome and can take comfort, where you just feel right. It's a feeling rather than anything tangible, but it's what I hope for the new shop space and website. Somehow small feels so right in these overwhelming times. 

A wise woman (the wonderful Megan of Lichen & Lace), remarked to me that a move provides an injection of new energy, and that is just so right. I can't wait until we have more freedom of movement and I can fully throw open the door and welcome you all in... and it will be soon enough if we remain vigilant just a little longer.

In the meantime I'm going to take some time at home with my furry pal eating yummy food, going on lots of walks, listening to the Chilly Gonzales Christmas album on Spotify, and maybe doing a bit of knitting and sewing... but mainly I'm just going to exhale a bit. Christmas is so steeped in tradition, and I'm going to miss my family terribly, but I guess we all need to try to embrace a whole different experience this year.

My wish for everyone is that you have a place that is home to you, especially during this holiday season as it falls at the end of this long and difficult year. 

S x

PS the sock up top is Cookie A's Monkey Sock, a free pattern on Ravelry, that I cast on last week when I had an urge to cast on a pair of socks... hand knit socks embody the concept of home to me! The yarn is something I dyed ages ago.