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The Knitting Barber Stitch Holder Cords Brown


These ingenious silicone cords will revolutionize your sweater knitting game! 

To use, just press the open end of the cable on to the tip of your needle and gently slip your stitches to the cable for hold, and do the reverse when it's time to put your stitches back on your needles. To keep your stitches in place you can just tie the ends of the cords together until you're ready to start knitting again. They can be used both as an aid when you want to try on something that you're in the middle of knitting, or they can be used in place of waste yarn if you need to access to a needle that is in use. 

Each set includes three cables (1 x 150 cm (60"), 2 x 75 cm (30")) nicely packaged in an individual tin container. 

Choose from 14 different colours.