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Kinki Amibari Seeknit Asymmetric Circular Needles 2.25mm 23cm (9.5")


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The bamboo that makes these needles varies by production area, species, and season, meaning that there are never two identical materials for manufacture, in turn making it a necessity to use the highest manufacturing skill to create a uniform product. The company was first established in 1916, and the expertise gained and techniques developed over the years that they have been manufacturing bamboo knitting needles has been used to continuously help them make better quality products that are easier to use. Kinki Amibari’s special techniques have been used to create the asymmetrical circular needles and smooth swivel parts.

The asymmetric circular needle is a Kinki Amibari original product that was developed in 2010. One of the needles is just one centimeter shorter than the other and that makes a huge difference in terms of smoothness and comfort.

  • Put the stitches on the short needle and work through with the long needle. Since the moving needle is longer, it is easier to hold, making these suited for small circular projects (such as socks).