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I couldn't resist!

I couldn't resist!

You know when you have a knitting itch that you just have to scratch?! That happened to me this week when I unpacked the latest shipment of LITLG 80/20 Sock Yarn, and I just kept wandering over to this beautiful seafoam and teal Connemara Marble. 

I love making shawls, but I've never really figured out how to wear most of them, but I had a revelation that it had to do with the huge size of a lot of shawl patterns. I actually use my smaller, one skein wraps, so I was really excited to see that one of my favourite designers, Joji Locatelli, had several one skein patterns to choose from. I settled on the Lightweight Hipster that has an interesting looking textured stitch pattern that I'm eager to try.

I knew I needed to do something with this yarn when I started thinking about what fabric I had in my stash to make a top or dress to wear with the shawl!

S x