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Musselburgh Love

Musselburgh Love

My taste in knitting (and most things...) is pretty straight forward. I love plain raglan sweaters and simple socks. Most of the time I'm more of a sit back and knit person rather than a lean forward and engage type knitter... So the Musselburgh Hat from Ysolda Teague really caught my eye, to the extent that I'm currently knitting my fourth!

I am certainly not alone in this semi obsession, as evidenced by the almost 22,000 versions detailed on Ravelry. The trickiest part is the cast on and Ysolda has filmed a tutorial that looks terrific. The crochet cast on tutorial from Knitting Natty helped me crack the code, and if you just take your time it doesn't feel as difficult.

Ysolda's pattern gives you the calculations to use for different weights of yarn and gauges. My go-to ended up being 7 stitches per inch on 3mm needles using fingering weight yarn. I dyed the yarns I've used so far which has been super fun.

The double fabric makes the hat lovely and cozy, while being able to use a thinner yarn means you get softness and drape.

If you have a skein that you've been saving for something special, check out this pattern. I find myself looking at lovely skeins of sock yarn, like the gorgeous LITLG, and wondering what they'd look like knit into a cozy Musselburgh!

Happy knitting,

Suzanne x