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Palette Cleansing Knitting aka Rose City Rollers

Palette Cleansing Knitting aka Rose City Rollers

I've been on a roll knitting, and actually finishing, a few sweaters, but before I embarked on another largish project, I felt like something small and quick... and I always find Rose City Rollers the perfect little project. 

You can use up leftover bits of yarn from other socks, or break into a prized skein knowing you'll have some left over. I make the medium size, and each one weighs 28 grams. These ones are made from a skein of "Potluck" that came with the very first order I placed with Hedgehog Fibres years ago with the toe done in some yarn that I dyed. 

Part of what I love about this pattern is that it has my favourite slip stitch heel and I like the rounded option for the toe. I'm a double point needle sock knitter, and I love, love, love my Addi Flip Stix

I hope everyone has a go-to pattern and project that makes them happy... we need more things to make us smile these days don't we?

S x

PS I also love this Minnie Basin from SOAK... it's the perfect size for washing and blocking smaller items.