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Naturally Dyed Scarves

Naturally Dyed Scarves

One of my goals for the fall is to get back to some dyeing. Years ago I took a workshop in the Toronto west end back yard of a lovely young woman, Kerri Westlake. We were in her dye garden and we made two silk scarves... one with a whole array of natural dye stuff that was then steam set, and a second one with an indigo vat. It was a glorious afternoon. Her website is still up at Westlake Knits  but I think the company is inactive. 

So I was delighted when I discovered these natural dye kits from Cocoon Natural Dye House. The technique is very similar where you sprinkle natural dye on a wet silk scarf and then roll it up and steam it to set the dyes. I made one with the scarf that comes with the kit, and a second one with a silk scarf that I had on hand which is what's in the picture above. I added a bit of cochineal which dominated a bit, but luckily I love pink so I'm thrilled with the result. I still have enough dye stuff from the original kit to make a third, so I've ordered some silk scarves to sell separately.

This was a perfect project to get back into a bit of dyeing. It was fast, easy to set up and didn't make a big mess. And the alchemy of natural dyes is so fun... you really don't know what you've got until after everything is set, dried and rinsed. 

So if you need a fun little creative project and have wanted to try some natural dyeing, check out the kits.

Happy dyeing!

S x