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Beautiful Lunenburg

Beautiful Lunenburg

I've been in a definite knitting groove the last little while, and this finished Lunenburg Pullover  was a real joy to knit. I absolutely love the colour palette of Megan's Lichen and Lace Rustic Heather Sport (which is currently on sale 15% off!).

I hadn't done colour work in ages and I really loved how engaging the yoke was... I always find that with stripes or colour work you just want to knit a few rows more to get to the next colour! I really loved the mixture of colour and texture with the purl bumps that add dimension to the pattern. 

Now that the weather is shifting I may have to take this home and actually wear it! I realized that I've knit with virtually all the yarn I have in the shop... Maybe this should have been a bit more obvious to me, but I think this is an important element of a small shop like mine. I've been wearing some of my various sweaters so that I can speak from experience about how the various yarns are to knit and how they stand up.

Happy knitting!

S x

Oh... the little blue scarf is a Sophie Scarf by PetiteKnit which seems to be the pattern of the moment! I used a strand of Knitting for Olive Merino held together with a strand of BettaKnit Petit Mohair. I think there will be countless Sophie Scarves under trees this holiday season!