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Super Soft Wish!

Super Soft Wish!

If you're looking for a quick knit you can't go wrong with the Viima Beanie from Vera Valimaki. I knit this hat in 3 days and about a skein and a half of Drops Wish (this is the White Fog colour way).

I've had several conversations lately about learning new things, and the tubular cast on for this hat was a new one for me and it was really fun to try something new. The pattern suggests a link to a tutorial on the Purl Soho website that was really terrific. 

I absolutely love the Drops Wish which has been a revelation to me. I've never worked with a "blown" yarn like this before and the lightness and softness was just so lovely. The alpaca and merino fibres are blown into a cotton core, so you have the super soft fibre but with the strength of the cotton. 

The shop sample is the larger size of the hat, and I think that one of my holiday knitting projects is going to be a smaller one for me! 

It is really so exciting to discover a gorgeous new yarn, that is both beautiful and lovely to work with, but also good value. 

Happy knitting!

S x