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I've been trying to be a bit more disciplined and finish projects before starting new ones (within reason of course!), as I find I get a bit overwhelmed if I have too many  on the go. So when I was away last week visiting my Mom, I brought this Stripes by Andrea Mowry to finish. Weaving in all the ends took awhile, but it was a perfect task to do while watching baseball on tv. 

I really, really loved knitting thisI The Tukuwool DK was a beautiful pairing with the pattern. I find stripes are great to pull you along, as you just want to keep going to the next colour change!

My pic is pre-blocking, but any bumps have been smoothed out and I used really hot tap water and a bit of SOAK and the stitches just relaxed beautifully. The Tukuwool is definitely rustic, and it will never be what most people consider soft, but I just love how it stands up. 

These colours are not my normal palette at all, and yet I just love them. Is anyone else finding their colour range expanding? It's nice to surprise yourself sometimes I think.

S x